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Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, but screening improves your chances of beating this disease. Board-certified pulmonologists Anthony Nebor, MD,  provides lung cancer screening at Fivestar Pulmonary Associates in Allen, Plano, and Mckinney, Texas. To schedule your lung cancer screening, call the office, or book an appointment online today.

Lung Cancer Screening Q & A

What is lung cancer screening?

Lung cancer screening involves looking for signs of cancer before you have any symptoms. Screening helps Fivestar Pulmonary Associates find lung cancer at an early stage when it’s easier to treat.

An imaging technique called low-dose computerized tomography (LDCT) can help your provider detect abnormal areas in your lung tissue that may be cancer.

When should I consider lung cancer screening?

National guidelines recommend annual screening with LDCT for people with the highest risk for lung cancer. You should consider lung cancer screening if you:

  • Are between 55-74 years old and otherwise in good health
  • Are a current smoker, or have quit in the past 15 years
  • Have a smoking history of 30 pack years or longer
  • Have a personal or family history of lung cancer
  • Have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

A pack year is the number of packs of cigarettes you smoked in a day multiplied by the number of yours you smoked. For example, 30 pack years may be equal to one pack a day for 30 years or 2 packs a day for 15 years.

What are the risks of lung cancer screening?

LDCT scans expose you to a low level of radiation, much less than the amount involved in a standard CT scan.

Other risks involved with lung cancer screening include the possibility of false-positive or false-negative results. False-positive results appear abnormal even when there’s no cancer present, while false-negative shows no evidence of cancer when it’s really there.

There’s also a chance that finding lung cancer early may not improve your health or help you live longer.

What should I expect from lung cancer screening?

First, your provider at Fivestar Pulmonary Associates reviews your risk factors and medical history to make sure you’re a good candidate for lung cancer screening. They describe the risks and benefits of screening and may advise you on smoking cessation programs if you’re a current smoker who’s trying to quit.

During the LDCT scan, you lie on your back on a table that slides into the center of a large imaging machine. You may hear knocking or clicking noises as the machine creates images of your lungs. The scan usually takes less than a minute.

If results are abnormal, you may need additional tests to determine whether you have cancer.

For more information about lung cancer screening, call Fivestar Pulmonary Associates, or book an appointment online today.